A British Take on the iPhone

I watched the Mac World Keynote with interest, especially when it became Apple iPhone Logoobvious that Steve Jobs was going to reveal the iPhone (three new products my a#!@!). And, he did a great job of sucking people in to the famous “reality distortion field”. I for one was immediately sold on the whole concept, the interface looked great, the hardware looked great and it does appear to have some unique innovations. A few hours later though, and my head is full of questions that are yet to be answered. Unfortunately, as with most products from “over the pond”, many of the questions are fairly specific to my home region.

Of course the big question is regarding price. In the UK we have our handsets heavily subsidised, very heavily subsidised. As an example, when the Motorola V3 RAZR came out I bagged one within the first week. The price? Free. In fact, to reward my loyalty I got one month free on my contract. Of course this took some spirited negotiations, which we’re also used to. So the estimated price, which is likely to be