The Site is Back!

Many of you would have noticed that the site experienced an extended period of downtime after being dugg to within an inch of its life, well, just past its life evidently. Anyway, we’re back up and on a new server! I’ll let you all know what really happened in a day or two. Suffice to say, some things may be a bit wonky for a while and I can’t seem to recover some of my posts and specifically, some images within those posts.

Thanks for all your support.

EDIT 1:  The site has been up and fielding a number of hits for the last day or so, which is good.  I’ve been trying to fix as many as the posts as possible and put them back at the URLs they used to live at.  Currently, there is one post down and a number of images missing.  For those interested, we’ve moved to a completely new host, one which is reliable hopefully (more on that later).  Its a true testament to WordPress that I could move an entire site, warts and all, to a new server with a new host in such a short space of time (something like 3 hours, including DNS updates!).  If you find any problems, please email me at simon at this domain.  Hopefully, the commenting system will be back to its old self shortly as will the contact us feature.