Vista Annoyances

This Post over at PC World (the website, not the unbelievably overpriced UK computer store crammed with A Level computer students who wouldn’t know the difference between SATA and IDE if it bit them in the arse) points out some of the annoyances with Microsofts new OS, Vista.  Its a well thought out article and couldn’t be accused of being anti MS by anyone other than MS fanboys.  Personally, I’ll hold back my opinion on Vista until I try it extensively.  From what I’ve seen, they’ve really danced around the issues.  There are huge gaping security holes in XP but instead of going after the root cause, they’ve just tried to stop you doing anything that would possibly cause YOU, the innocent user, from performing actions that may open up your computer to attackers.  The problem is, turns out these actions are pretty much anything.  Even in my short time using Vista I came across something like 7 UACs.  Thats not good at all.

And lets face it, Linux and OSX manage to be quite secure without the need to barage users with these ridiculous and confusing messages.  Why?  Because they are fundamentally more secure than Windows.  The painting over the cracks analagy has never been truer than with Windows Vista.  The same is also true about the interface which has gone for fancy instead of usable.  The transparency available is more than skin deep as well, try finding options that have lived in the same place for the last three versions of Windows and you’ll suddenly find they’ve gone.  Why?  Change for the sake of change probably.  Or maybe the developers just like to look busy in the office.  Sometimes when you’re using Vista, you’ll really wonder whether they have anyone working on the interface at-all.  But please, bear in mind that I only very briefly used Vista, thankfully.