Is Stikkit the Ultimate Blogging Aide?

Stikkit LogoThere are a few universal truths about Blogging. Firstly, many bloggers see blogging as a hobby, something to do in their spare time. Secondly, bloggers tend to be ideas people, they think of something and then blog about it. The problem is, these two truths don’t really go hand in hand. When the ideas come, the time for blogging may not be available and when it’s time to blog, writers block may have set in.

Because of this, it is essential that bloggers everywhere have a reliable and easy means of taking notes, so they can jot down ideas as they come. What also helps these part time bloggers is a quick kick every now and then to remind them that posting content is a good thing. There are, of course, loads of note taking applications out there, everything from a pen and paper to backpack and everything in between. There are also lots of applications that will prompt you to do something, and some, like calendar applications, will let you add information. For me, and I count myself as a part time blogger, every system I’ve come across has been too cumbersome. What I long for is something quicker, something easier and something slicker. So in steps Stikkit and, our old favourite, Quicksilver.

Following on from what I said above, I want something quick and easy, and while Stikkit is easy you still have to go to the site, log in and follow the usual website dance to get your information saved. Stikkit does provide a way to set reminders, in fact is knows when you want a reminder based on what you type, so if there was an easier way of getting information into your Stikkits, it would be a pretty slick solution.

There’s been a Quicksilver plugin for Stikkit Stikkit Quicksilver Pluginavailable for a while and it really is very slick. You can create new Stikkits, edit existing ones, view them and do lots of other very usefull things. It really is a thing of beauty. I’m sure you can all see where I’m going with this now. If I’m browsing the web and suddenly have a great idea for a blog post, I can invoke Quicksilver, pull up my Blog Posts Stikkit and add an extra to-do item. I’ve already got the Stikkit set to remind meThe Stikkit reminder status on certain days so I don’t need to worry about that every time. The result it, I’ve got something that is insanely easy to update and I get an email every few days reminding me to post to the blog. And that email contains the entire Stikkit so I don’t even have to leave my email client.

I can’t think of any other way to manage part time blogging that is quite so easy. If you do decide to give it a try, I’d recommend reading up on how to use Stikkit, knowing what triggers certain events (like writing “next Tuesday remind meStikkit Reminder” to trigger an email reminder) will help a great deal. It’s also worth remembering that Stikkit is actually reasonably easy to use even without Quicksilver and is also accessible from any computer (or internal enabled device). So while this Mac-centric solution is fantastic, it’s not entirely dependent on you being on a Mac (although it really helps!).