5 Signs you're Becomming an Apple Fanboy

New iMacsI’ve been a Mac used for a while now, and I love it. Things have just been so much easier since seeing things Cupertino’s way. I have mentioned to a few friends and colleagues that I am a Mac user, and suggested why they may also like to try a Mac out for themselves. As with most religious zealots helpful people, responses were mixed. Up until now, I’ve never really considered myself a fanboy for anything. There are products I like, and products I don’t. That’s pretty much how I saw myself, I would assess everything on merit only. That was until today, when I realised I was turning into a bit of an Apple fanboy, and here are the five signs that lead me to believe it was happening.

  1. I got really excited about a Summer Product Announcement – Yes, there was an announcement today, I know it was coming and it happened to be just after I arrived home from work. This meant I couldn’t concentrate for most of the afternoon and the first thing I did when I got home was to fire up the Engadget live blogging page. Let’s face it, it’s pretty sad.
  2. I’m showing people the new products – Ok, so the new iMac is a particularly sleek piece of kit. But no matter how sleek it is, my girlfriend isn’t going to be interested. She’s even less likely to be interested in a new Spreadsheet application. But you know what, I spent ten minutes explaining it all to her, showing her photos and then getting upset when it became obvious she didn’t care.
  3. I believe the hype – I believe that Numbers has revolutionised spreadsheets, and I think that’s great. The only problem is, before Numbers, part of iLife 08Numbers came along I really couldn’t care less about spreadsheets. And of all the things I want to be revolutionised, spreadsheets were pretty far down the list. But now, even though I rarely use spreadsheets outside of work (and I’m stuck on a Windows machine there), I want to pay my £55 for iWork and create lots of interesting and lovely spreadsheets. Did I just call spreadsheets lovely? Shoot. Me.
  4. I smiled uncontrollably whenever I saw a picture of Steve Jobs or a new product – I have no idea why, I just did. Like the reflex action parents get when they see their new born for the first time, it just fills me with joy. And yes, I’m being serious.
  5. A sexy, sexy new iMaciPorn – This is a new concept to me, and doesn’t necessary make me a fanboy in and of itself, it’s more the situation that caused it to come about. I was sitting on the sofa watching the live blogging of the Apple event, excited like a school girl and grinning like a serial killer. My girlfriend, who was sitting next to me watching TV was obviously intrigued so bent her head round to see what I was doing. Her description of what was on my screen, “iPorn”. It was, of course, a picture of Steve Jobs with a new iMac, and I was way to excited. The most worrying thing though, my girlfriend seems to think that me looking at a middle aged man in jeans and a turtle neck presenting a new computer is the equivalent of pornography. Ugh. I dread to think how she’s going to take the revelation that my idea of safe sex is having a MacBook under the pillow. You know, cause they don’t get viruses.

If nothing else, we’ve discovered I need help, and I need help urgently. At the moment I’m really fighting the urge to buy a new iMac (and of course I’d need a new upgraded Airport Extreme to go with it, and probably a new USB disk and printer) even though I know I wouldn’t use it. I haven’t used my current desktop in two years, I’m a laptop person. Yet I am lusting after this shiny piece of hardware. Hmm, maybe the iPorn description wasn’t so far off the mark, what with the lusting…