Apple Dropping the Ball?

Usually during a product launch, Apple are meticulous. Everything is in its’ place, and everything looks great. However, in the wake of the iPod Touch launch, a product which will literally change the industry forever (trust me), there have been a few mishaps. Very un-Apple-like.

The first problem I came across was when visiting the iPod and iTunes section of the Apple website. This was well after the presentation had finished and I was expecting the new products to be displayed for my pleasure. The following image is what I came across when visiting the page.

Mis-labelled iPods

Click the image for an un-squashed version. it should, however, be obvious what the mistake is. This has since been corrected, but I really didn’t expect to see it at all. And this wasn’t the only mistake I’ve come across.

Apple Starbucks URLThere’s a nice video walkthrough on the apple website running through the new iPod Touch. All very well and good except for the Starbucks part, which points you to for roll out information. Being keen on finding out when this is going to be available in Europe, I quickly rushed over to the url only to find this: –

Applw 404 Page

Not a great start Apple. I’d say you’ve lost a customer, but that would be a blatant lie.