Answering the iPod Nano Screenshot Question

The Office as displayed on the iPod Nano.When I posted about the different images of iPod Nanos on the UK and US stores a few days ago something major completely flew over my head. I made the point in the post that Apple were showing the US version of The Office on the screens for the UK store but something different on the US store’s screens. What didn’t occur to me at the time is that Apple no longer sells The Office as it’s an NBC show. So when I was moaning about Apple showing the wrong version of The Office, the larger issue is that you can no longer buy this version of The Office in any of the iTunes stores. And of course, you can’t buy the BBC version anywhere either (and it’s not even on the inaccessible iPlayer).

You can read into this as deeply as you want, but this is what I imagine happened. It seems reasonable to assume that Apple had the press photos for the Nano ready well in advance of its announcement. Seeing as NBC have some of the biggest selling shows in iTunes, and one of the big features of the new Nano is video, putting an NBC show on the new Nano makes sense. We know that Apple send out press photos early, note the Bluetooth logo on the German iPod Touch, so it’s entirely possible these iPod Nano pictures with The Office on the screen were sent out well in advance to the NBC fracas. An aspect that adds weight to this argument is that the iPod Nanos on the US site look better than the UK ones.

So all this different iPod image issue may simply be down to the NBC Vs Apple disagreement. It just seems strange that the Apple UK store would run with these images considering Apple’s legendary attention to detail.