Why I Love Finding New Blogs

I had a bit of a crazy day yesterday. By mid-afternoon I had added five new blogs to my feed reader. This is quite a big deal for me as I’ve already got quite a few subscriptions in my feed reader, far too many in fact. But nevertheless, I still love finding new blogs. You […]

How to Effectively add Links to your Blog Posts

Linking is the lifeblood of the internet. Without the ability to link, the internet would be a very difficult place to frequent. The same is true for sites and blogs, without links to expand on ideas, provide further reading and guide your readers to usefull content, a blog can become a very unwelcoming place. There […]

Free Money for Bloggers? Yes! But Invest it.

I just received a very interesting email from the Text Link Ads people. After the recent “merger” with Auction Ads, they are offering $25 to Text Link Ads account holders who sign up to Auction Ads. That’s $25 dollars, essentially for free. I’d recommend doing this right not, and then following the steps below to […]

Apple Dropping the Ball?

Usually during a product launch, Apple are meticulous. Everything is in its’ place, and everything looks great. However, in the wake of the iPod Touch launch, a product which will literally change the industry forever (trust me), there have been a few mishaps. Very un-Apple-like. The first problem I came across was when visiting the […]

New iPods – UK Prices and Release Dates

Apple announced today that the entire iPod line has been updated. The changes range from the minor, to the overhaul, to the completely new. So whilst those over in the states are chatting about the new toys on their iPhones (I swear I’m not bitter), what are us limeys to do? Well, we can look […]

Running Multiple Quicksilver Commands with 1 Trigger

While Quicksilver is phenomenally powerfull, there are some limitations. One of the most frustrating is the inability to chain commands together. And when I say commands, I’m not talking about the individual panes in Quicksilver, but the fully blown, all singing, all dancing actions. For example, in my five things that make Quicksilver Awesome post […]

5 Features that NEED to be in the new iPod

It looks pretty certain that we’re going to see a new iPod next Wednesday, hopefully 2. Multiple pictures have surfaced of the new iPod Nano, which looks like the current iPod Nano with the shins removed. But what of the big iPod? The one people keep on referring to as the iPod Touch? The one […]

A Fresher Look

You may have noticed that the site’s design has been tweaked a bit.  Specifically, I’ve tried to go for a much easier to read colour scheme, which also happens to be much lighter than the old one. Hopefully there aren’t any bugs as I’ve kept the main structure and layout of the site largely the […]

Running the iTunes Vs NBC Numbers

There’s been such a fuss made over the last few days regarding this NBC Vs Apple fiasco. Beyond the obvious fact that the NBC execs have completely lost the plot and effectively asked people to pirate their shows instead of paying for them, there are some questions that no one seems to be asking. How […]

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