Leopard Dated, Upgrade if you bought a Mac after October 1st

Leopard UpgradeApple have finally announced the release date for the new version of OSX, Leopard.  It’s out on October 26th, so mark your calendars and get the sleeping bag ready.

At the same time, Apple have confirmed the much predicted UK price of £85 and has also said that if you bought a Mac on or after October 1st 2007, you get a free upgrade to Leopard.  And by “free” they actually mean £5.95.  I can understand the need for Apple to cover costs and all, but surely they could give it away as a free download or let people pick it up at the Apple Store.

So, I’m now wondering whether to jump on the Leopard bandwagon, or to wait a little while they iron the kinks out?  10.5.1 I’m thinking.  Decisions decisions.  Maybe I should just get a new MBP instead…