Finally, Google Takes a Valid and Worthwhile Step

Screenshot of an image promiting paid content.I’ve written previously about Google reducing the PageRank of sites that sell links, but it seems as if they’ve gotten round to another much maligned aspect of blogging, Pay Per Post.  Personally, I don’t like Pay Per Post.  While I accept that some blogs make alot of money from it (see the image below), and others clearly disclose the fact that a post has been paid for, there are certain Pay Per Post vendors that seek to control the actual content of the post.  Therefore, if I see a site than advertises Pay Per Post, I immediately begin to question the validity of everything on the entire site.

John Chow Earnings Report for October 2007, Pay Per Post earnings highlighted.Selling links is not something I have a particular problem with.  I do, however, check all the links that I put on these pages to make sure they are appropriate and potentially of benefit to my readers.  What I will not do is compromise my integrity by posting content that has been paid for, even if I retain editorial control of the content.  I’m quite happy posting only about subjects that interest me, not about the products and services who have the most money to spend on hiring bloggers.

So, bravo Google.  Pay Per Post is a blight on the web, I’m glad to see someone is taking some action to halt its spread.