5 Blogging Predictions for 2008

With a new year comes the opportunity to reflect on what’s gone by, and to look to the future.  It’s especially interesting to look at the world of blogging, trying to predict the next big thing, and identify trends that we can exploit to grow our blogs.  However, blogging repeatably proves itself to be fast moving and unpredictable, which makes it a particularly fun area to predict.  So lets have a stab at some wild predictions for the immediate future of blogging.

5 Blogging Predictions


This is probably a safe bet, or as safe as you can get in blogging, but I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t actually happen.  2007 saw a certain degree of consolidation in the blogosphere, with independent blogs joining networks like Weblogs Inc, and B5 Media.  You will also see these networks launch brand new blogs on their own volition, often poaching established bloggers to get them off the ground.

Conversational Blogs

I think this is an area with lots of potential.  The first time I came across a Conversational Blog was with The Superest.  The Superest is a blog where two cartoonists (plus guests) compete to create the ultimate cartoon character.  Each one has to top the previous entry with each new one.  Explaining the concept using The Superest as an illustration should make the format immediately obvious.  I can see this idea being expanded into more typical conversations.  Imagine five or six well known bloggers each responding to each others posts in a blog format.  I can see it really taking off providing the right personalities get involved.

Subscribers Will Soar

Probably another safe bet this one, but I can see subscriber numbers all round increasing dramatically.  I think the driving force behind this will be the further acceptance of blogging as a legitimate source of news in the wider, more established media.  This will draw new readers, who previously stayed around the more established outlets, being directed to blogs.  When they start being directed to blogs, at least some will be converted into subscribers.

Premium Blogs

I’m slightly torn on this one.  While paid-for-subscription sites are slowly dying out, I can see them taking off in blogging.  We’ve already seen people like Yaro Starak, with Blog Mastermind, experiment with costed options, and I can see this being expanded.  Initially, at least, it will be used to provide additional content, with the bulk of the site remaining free.  Logically, you could argue that programs like the Community Consulting Project at ProBlogger constitutes one of these Premium Features (i.e. you can only participate if you pay).

Blogging About Blogging Will Continue to Grow

For the same reasons subscribers will grow, I think the number of blogs will continue to grow.  Exponentially in fact.  And with so many new blogs, writers will be looking for that extra edge, the extra 10% to make their blog successful.  This means that the market for blogs about blogs and blogging will continue to expand.

What do you think the new year will bring for bloggers and readers?