Best of 2007 on The Oak Innovations Blog

Best of 2007Since this blog started in early 2007, there have been 100s of posts covering many different areas. So now the year has passed, this seems like the perfect opportunity to round up the five best posts of our first year. So If you’re new to the blog, these are the five posts that best sum up what we’re all about.

I’ve covered quite a variety of topics over the last year, and some posts that I didn’t expect to be successfull really took off on the social networks. Let’s take a look at the top five posts of the year.

  1. 5 OSX Hidden Gems – By far the most popular post on this blog after making the digg front page and then becoming popular on and Stumble Upon. It was really the post that launched this blog and still remains popular today.
  2. 5 FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts – This was one of those posts that I really didn’t think would be popular. It was a fairly simple list of reasonably well known FireFox keyboard shortcuts, the sort of thing I use every day without even thinking about it. Yet it hit it big on Stumble Upon which sent a steady stream of visitors for a few months and then, out of nowhere, started sending thousands of visitors a day ans sustained it for almost a week. Let’s call it a pleasant surprise.
  3. 5 Resources to make YOU a Better Blogger – This was an incredibly easy post to write. I picked four of my favourite RSS feeds relating to blogging and one of my favourite forums. Surprisingly, many people hadn’t come across some of the sites,so I’m really glad to be able to point them out.
  4. How to Scientifically Identify Content that’s Perfect for your Blog – At times, coming up with fresh, new and interesting content for a blog is difficult. In this post I outlined a scientific method to generate ideas for new blog posts. I’ve since received emails from readers thanking me for the post as it’s gotten them out of some periods of writer’s block.
  5. 5 Things that Make Quicksilver Awesome – I really do think Quicksilver is one of the greatest productivity boosters out there, and the more people who know about it, the better. Especially now it’s gone open source. In this post I pointed out five of the many things that make Quicksilver simply amazing to work with.

Overall, it’s been a pretty good year. I’ve learnt alot and I’ve shared alot. Blogging is something that I enjoy doing, and I think I’ve picked up enough tips over the last year or so, and have enough good ideas to give it a go.