Going with Full RSS Feeds

To coincide with the redesign of this blog, I’ve also been providing full content feeds.  I’ve taken this decision because I’ve become increasingly intolerant of sites I subscribe to that don’t do this.  Recently, I’ve gone as far as unsubscribing from two sites purely on the basis that they don’t offer full feeds.  I realised that if I am intolerant of partial feeds, then others will be.  It’s also very important in the very competitive world of blogging not to give any reason at all for people to not follow your content.

If you want to subscribe, click on one of the big orange images to the right of this post.  Choose whether you want to subscribe by email or RSS.  By subscribing, which is completely free, you will be sure to get all the latest content as soon as it’s available.  You can also unsubscribe at any time, it’s completely risk free.  To read more about subscriptions, scroll to the bottom of this page and read the section titled “Subscriptions”.

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