Blogging With Images Just Got Easier

I’ve written previously about adding images to your blog posts to give them that little something extra. Two recent developments have made this much easier.

Photo Dropper

Quite why it took this long for someone to come up with this idea, I don’t know, but I’m so glad it’s finally happened. Photo Dropper is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to search for Creative Commons licensed images on flickr and then very quickly add them to your blog along with the correct attribution. It’s really very slick. I’ve added an image at the end of the post as an example.

Picnik Upgrade

Picnik Upgrade Notice
In the previous post about blogging with images I also mentioned Picnik. It’s the best online image editor out there. Picnik has decided to release its full feature set, previously only available to paid customers, for free to everyone. This really is a great idea. Of course Picnik is now ad supported, and if you’re a complete ad hater, you can still pay the £13 a year to get rid of them. Either way it’s a great deal for the user.
Features you now get include more fonts, borders, shapes and effects along with the full set of touch up tools. It’s really nice and now you have excuse not to try it out.
Photo Dropper Example

photo credit: Chris (archi3d)