Today's iPlayer News is…

iPlayer LogoI seem to be commenting quite a bit on the BBC iPlayer these days. I think there are two reasons for this. Firstly, as a tax license fee payer, I have a vested interest. Secondly, I want it to succeed. I really want to be able to watch BBC content at my convenience. I want it to be the best service it can and let’s face it, they could do with the help.

Anywho, there are two new pieces of iPlayer news. Firstly, the Windows only, badly designed, almost unusable, ill-conceived download version, went offline due to a database problem. No one noticed.

Secondly, the ability to download shows by spoofing your user agent, that I hinted at earlier, has been removed. Confirming that this was an oversight, and not an attempt to give the iPlayer some usable functionality (perish the thought!).