Add Twitter to your FireFox Sidebar with Hahlo

Twitter is great.  Hahlo is great.  And, FireFox is great.  And when you combine the three, wow.  There’s been a rush of late with people puttin iPhone versions of sites into their FireFox Sidebar.  it’s a great idea as iPhone sites are typically formatted in such a way that allows them to fit neatly into the aspect ration of the FireFox Sidebar.  So far, however, it seems as if people have overlooked one of the best iPhone experiences so far, Hahlo.

For the uninitiated, Hahlo is an iPhone Twitter client.  And it really excels at providing a sleak, usable experience on the iPhone.  So how can you get that same experience in your FireFox sidebar?

The technique is a familiar one.  BookMark Hahlo and load your bookmarks in your sidebar (command + B on a Mac).  Once you’ve done this, locate the Hahlo bookmark and right-click it.  When you do, you’ll get a dialogue box similar to the one shown to the right (note I’m on FireFox 3).  Just select the”Load this bookmark in the sidebar” option and click OK.

Now, whenever you use that bookmark, it will load in the sidebar, much like the image below.

What do you think?  Personally, I think this is the best iPhone app out there, right up with Google Reader and FaceBook.  And to have such a convenient way to access my Twitter account feels like a real coup and will certainly encourage me to increase my currently sporadic Twitter updates.  The only thing that would make this solution perfect would be if the page automatically refreshed.  I’ve tried out the “Reload Every…” FireFox extension, but it doesn’t work in the sidebar.  I’m sure some enterprising readers will come up with something though!

What, if anything do you have in your FireFox sidebar?  And don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter.