5 Quick iPhone 3g Tips

I won’t beat around the bush, so here are 5 really quick iPhone 3g tips to keep you occupied. And even if you’re not using an iPhone 3g, many will work with the original iPhone and iPod Touch. So here goes.

  1. Don’t pay for ringtones – There’s no need to pay for ringtones.  Just choose a song you want to use for a ringtone in iTunes, drag the song into Garage Band, and use the “Cycle Region” button (it’s the button that looks like a refresh button, and appears near the play / skip controls) to create a region 40 seconds or less. Once you’re happy with your ringtone, go to “Share” in the main menu, then “Send Ringtone to iTunes”.  Your newly created ringtone will appear in iTunes, ready for syncing.  Remember, this doesn’t work for music you’ve bought through iTunes because it can’t be imported into Garage Band.
  2. Only buy apps once – If you have multiple iPhones, or an iPhone and an iPod Touch, you only need to buy apps once.  You can sync your apps up to multiple devices!
  3. Choose the right keyboard – Head into the settings and make sure you’ve got the right keyboard set.  If you’re in the UK, and select the British keyboard, you can get a “.co.uk” shortcut if you hold your finger down on the “.com” key when entering a web address.  It’s the little things.
  4. Take better pictures – The iPhone’s camera has come in for a bit of critiscism, but here’s a quick tip for better pictured.  Compose your shot while holding down the shutter button, then release it to actually take the picture.  Nine times out of ten, this will result in a better exposed and focused shot.
  5. Control your home button – Hidden away in the settings is a way to change the function of your home button.  The options are quite limited, but it can greatly streamline the way you use your phone.  You can either focus the button around the iPod function, or the phone function.  Very handy.

So there you are, five really quick, obvious iPhone tips that you probably already know about.  Have you got any tips to share?