Help Shape the Future of WordPress

WordPress, the number one blogging platform on the Internet, is undergoing another fairly major change for version 2.7.  Amongst the changes is a restructuring of the Administration menus, which have only recently been redesigned.  If you happen to be a WordPress user, either self hosting or on, you can take part in a survey that will help shape the navigation and grouping of options in the next version of WordPress.  If you use WordPress, I would highly recommend it.

One of the interesting things about this survey is that the WordPress team rather publically enlisted the help of some usability experts for the 2.5 release, which completely redesigned the back end interface.  Whilst there were undoubtedly many improvements, there are still some aspects of the adminstration interface that need work, and many of us (including myself) have felt that the structure and organisation of administration options is one of them.

So take part in the survey, and have your voice heard.