Google launches voice search iPhone app, hides it

You may have noticed that some of the tech blogs out there have been covering the botched launch of an update the Google’s iPhone application.  It was initially supposed to launch last Friday, but was not available until today.  The key new feature in this app is the ability to perform searches based on voice commands.

Being a British iPhone user, I wasn’t hopeful that we would see a simultaneous launch of the app with the US, so imagine my surprise when there was a notification of an update to the Google App when I checked today.  Take a look at the release notes for the app, and tell me if there’s something missing.

No mention of voice search anywhere.  Regardless, I updated the app because I use it frequently.

After updating I had a bit of a play around to see what had changed, and of course the first place you visit is the preferences tab (or is that just me?).  Take a look at the options you get.

Yes, there it is, hidden away in the preferences.  It’s worth noting that, for me at least (with a Welsh accent), the voice search is very hit and miss – hence the disclaimer I guess.  It also doesn’t quite work as advertised.  The You Tube video put out last week indicated that holding the phone to your ear would automatically put it in a receptive mode, this isn’t the case.

Have you tried out the mobile app?  If your a non-UK user, was the preference off by default?  How are you finding it?