Apple and the Record Labels Get Charitable for Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 2009Picture 7.png is upon us and all around the UK people are donning wigs and plastic noses and doing “something funny for money”.

If you’re not familiar with Red Nose Day, also known as Comic Relief, it’s a UK-wide event, orchestrated by the BBC that raises money for various national and international charities. It culminates in an evening of comedic entertainment lasting for several hours on BBC television. The premise is that the BBC, supported by a bunch of celebrities, provide this evening of entertainment in exchange for donations to the charity. Of course, the entertainment is hit and miss, but no one can argue with the cause.

Going hand in hand with Red Nose Day there is usually an official song. In recent years (Red Nose day is run once every two years) the popularity of the official song has been eclipsed by an alternative, comedic song which is also released. For every song sold, a donation is made to Red Nose Day.

This year, they’ve taken a slightly different approach. In conjunction with Apple and the major music labels, they’ve arranged to get a donation from every song in the top 40 sold today and tomorrow when it’s bought through iTunes. The offer is valid for every top 40 song bought either today (13th March) or tomorrow (14th March). This is in addition to the two official Red Nose Day songs that have been released, both of which are in the top 40.

Picture 8.png

It’s a smart move. In today’s difficult financial climate donations will be more difficult to come by, there’s simply less disposable cash floating around people’s wallets.

So if you’re thinking about buying some music from iTunes, and have a penchant for the drivel they call popular music these days, buy away in the knowledge you’re also helping out those less fortunate than yourself.