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Starting a New Blog – A New Series

Recently, I started a brand new blog.  This is by no means the first blog I’ve started, and probably won’t be the last.  So as I embark on this new journey, I’m going to post about my experiences here.  Initially, I’ve got the following posts planned: 5 Things to do when thinking of starting a […]

The Modern Back Ache – Headaches – 5 Tips to Avoid Them

In years gone by, when the vast majority of work was manual, back aches were a real problem for a large percentage of the population. Modern techniques, and a shift towards non-manual work for large portions of the workforce means that back ache isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. That’s not to say […]

5 Essential OSX Blogging Tools

As most of the readers of this blog know, I’m an OSX user and also a blogger. I’m not entirely sure why that conjures a self-help group image in my mind, but I’ll just have to get over it. I’ve not been an OSX user for an awfull long time, only around a year, but […]

5 Ways I TRIPLED my Adsense Income

A number of my sites have carried Adsense adverts for a while. However, I’ve never really designed with them in mind. In the past I’ve designed my site and then, at a later date, added the advertisments. This presents 2 major problems. Firstly, the advertisments don’t fit the design particularly well, this presents problems for […]

5 Ways to Monetise your Blog

These days, even with a small site or a new blog, monetisation (monetization for Americans) is a constant consideration. This can be a double edged sword, as getting the right kind of monetisation is key. Fortunately, there are so many options out there you can not only pick and choose, but also test and optimise. […]

5 Resources to Make YOU a Better Blogger

If your a blogger, you need help. I know that’s a blunt statement, but it needs to be said. There isn’t a blogger on the planet who knows everything. Fortunately, many people know bits of information, often in highly specialised areas. The great thing is, bloggers like to write, so they will often share their […]

5 Simple Steps to a Better Blog

I’m very much of the opinion that certain things in life are over complicated. Some things, like brain surgery, are just complicated, there’s not getting away from it. Other things however, are made more complicated than they really are. I believe Blogging falls into the latter category. So, with that in mind I’m going to […]

5 Crucial, but Invisible, WordPress Plugins

I’m a huge fan of WordPress. It just seems to be the most complete Open Source project out there, and not just web based open source applications, all open source applications. One of it’s great strengths is that the developers made an excellent decision with regards to leaving functionality out. As most developers will tell […]

5 Signs you're Becomming an Apple Fanboy

I’ve been a Mac used for a while now, and I love it. Things have just been so much easier since seeing things Cupertino’s way. I have mentioned to a few friends and colleagues that I am a Mac user, and suggested why they may also like to try a Mac out for themselves. As […]

5 OSX Automator Actions for Bloggers & Developers

Blogging can, at times, be quite tedious. There are repetitive tasks that need to be completed and some things that just aren’t enjoyable. So what we all really need are some simple tools that allow us to get on with the actual writing of content and streamlining the more arduous tasks. Unfortunately, there are such […]

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