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Sat Navs to fall, what's next?

Mapping and Satellite Navigation features built into modern mobile phone such as the iPhone and the Nokia N96 have got Satellite Navigation manufacturers running scared.  And with good reason.  Why would you want to carry around a phone and a satellite navigation device?  Point and shoot digital cameras are under similar pressures, with features such […]

Google, is that you?

I’ve dusted off the cobwebs from my Parallels installation and Windows XP virtual machine so I could try out Google Chrome.  The new, hawt, browser from Google.  I’ve heard that one of the benefits of using Chrome is that Google web apps, such as GMail and Google Reader, run much faster and tend to be […]

Why FireFox's Ubiquity could be a game changer

Mozilla, the people behind FireFox, have tentatively released a new plugin called Ubiquity out into the wild.  One fairly humble blog post on the Mozilla Lab’s Blog is, in my opinion, going to change the way we all think about the web. What is Ubiquity? The quick way of describing Ubiquity is to simply say […]

Summing Up Why Phones Suck

If anyone has been looking for the reason most mobile phones have poor user experiences, this article might enlighten you.  To quote: – The panel, whose title was It’s the User Experience, Stupid agreed that iPhone represents a model for mobile operators to follow, but they reached little agreement on how to follow. The discussion […]

If You Didn't See This Coming, You're a Civil Servant…

It’s Tax Return time. And, as if like clockwork, the HMRC website has gone down. But how can this continue to happen?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Software Updates

Software updates are unique. They keep your products up to date and often provide new features for free. Something that doesn’t happen with any other products. But it’s not always that simple, and software updates often bring problems of their own.

Finally, Google Takes a Valid and Worthwhile Step

I’ve written previously about Google reducing the PageRank of sites that sell links, but it seems as if they’ve gotten round to another much maligned aspect of blogging, Pay Per Post.  Personally, I don’t like Pay Per Post.  While I accept that some blogs make alot of money from it (see the image below), and […]

R.I.P Windows Mobile

Today is the beginning of the end for Windows Mobile. The software found on phones and portable devices, loved by some, loathed by many, is staring down the end of a long barrel. Why? Well, like other technology markets, Google has jumped in and caused a huge splash. Today, Android was officially announced. Android seems, […]

2 OSX Accessibility Tools Everyone Can Use

Mac OSX has some fantastic accessibility features built in, from high contrast and large type to keyboard mousing. There are, however, some fantastically inventive features available that all users can take advantage of. The key to really getting the most out of these features is to tailor them to your needs. Sometimes this means you […]

2 FireFox URL Tricks

FireFox is a powerfull tool. With the amount of extensions available for it, you can tailor it for almost any need. There are, however, some fantastic pieces of functionality built right into FireFox that can be hugely beneficial, even if they need a bit of setting up first. In this post I’ll cover two such […]

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