5 Ways to Improve the iPlayer

I wrote up a review on the BBC’s iPlayer a few days ago. I admit that I took a fairly negative standpoint, but didn’t provide any real suggestions for improvement. At this point I’d also like to point out that I admire the BBC for what they are attempting, the UK has been behind the […]

5 FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

Use FireFox? Well you need these five top Keyboard shortcuts. I use them all at least once every waking hour of the day. Not revolutionary or new, just great and time saving. You may also like to read about two FireFox URL tricks I use just as much. Jump to the Search Box – Ctrl(Windows)/Cmd(OSX) […]

Vista Annoyances

This Post over at PC World (the website, not the unbelievably overpriced UK computer store crammed with A Level computer students who wouldn’t know the difference between SATA and IDE if it bit them in the arse) points out some of the annoyances with Microsofts new OS, Vista.  Its a well thought out article and […]

Why Movie Downloads are Confusing

I ran across this post over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog today and it really struck a chord. Even though most internet users are on Windows, presumably XP, a similar majority are iPod users. So, to many people who see the XP compatibility, there is a link in their mind that means they can use […]

The BBC, Giving Incompetence a Bad Name

The news has been slowly breaking over the last few weeks that the BBC’s new “On Demand” service will be limited to Microsoft Windows.  Yes, thats right, the organisation funded by an enforced stealth tax is pulling another fast one by limiting it’s new service to just those running Windows.  I’m really struggling to see […]

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