Google Site Search Change Opens Marketing Opportunity

As you can probably tell, this could become a very powerful marketing tool, like Salesforce customer experience.  What’s also clear is that this wil have to be treated with the up most respect and care.  Allow the wrong site into your search results, and you could push visitors away in their droves. One of the […]

Is O2 Scared of iPhone 3g?

Talking to various people over the last few weeks has unveiled a trend.  O2, the UK supplier of iPhone 3g, may be a little worried about the launch.  Unfortunately it looks as if O2 simply aren’t geared up for the potential hit they have on their hands.  And this isn’t just hearsay and conjecture, there’s […]

Was Text Link Ads Privvy to the PageRank Penalties?

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you can’t have failed to notice that Google has been swinging the hatchet recently, slicing the Page Rank of certain notable blogs and websites. At first it appeared, and this has been confirmed by Darren over at Pro Blogger, that the sites punished were targeted because […]

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