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5 Snow Leopard Hidden Gems

Apple’s newest revision of OSX, Snow Leopard, has been covered to death in recent days.  Thus rendering any sort of detailed review redundant.  So, as a launch day upgrader across a couple of Macs (one iMac, one MacBook), I thought I’d just point out some of the subtle changes I’ve not seen covered elsewhere.  Repetition […]

iPhone 3GS Review

Evolution not revolution seems to be the quote of choice amongst reviewers of the iPhone 3GS, but I think it sells the device somewhat short.  While it’s easy to dismiss minor bumps to speed, in practice it feels like a different phone.  I’ve now been using the device for a little over two weeks, going […]

Does iPhone OS 3.0 Indicate No Imminent Hardware Refresh?

Looking back at the lifecycle of iPhone software releases, it’s easy to identify Apple’s set objectives at the time. The initial release, which went hand in hand with the first iPhone hardware, was out there to quickly woo the market and gain a significant footing in an already crowded marketplace. It was aimed at early […]

iPhone 3.0 Software Previewed

Earlier today Apple gave the world a sneak peak of it’s upcoming iPhone version 3.0 software. This is clearly a substantial release, with Apple touting over 1000 new APIs and 100 end user features for this release. There’s already a significant amount of coverage out there regarding the preview, so let’s focus on some of […]

Apple and the Record Labels Get Charitable for Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 2009 is upon us and all around the UK people are donning wigs and plastic noses and doing “something funny for money”. If you’re not familiar with Red Nose Day, also known as Comic Relief, it’s a UK-wide event, orchestrated by the BBC that raises money for various national and international charities. […]

Week of Safari 4 – Summary

The Beta label can be a difficult proposition when it comes to software. Companies like Google have applied it to products that are clearly far beyond what I would categorise as a Beta release, whereas other companies who have treated it more traditionally have been criticised for releasing half baked products. It’s a difficult line […]

Week of Safari 4 – Days Four and Five, Comparisons to FireFox

So far during this Week with Safari 4, I’ve been making numerous comparisons between Safari 4 and FireFox. Bearing that in mind, I thought the mod way point in this little experiment would be a good place to pause for thought, and to consider why a comparison between the two browsers will never be fair. […]

Week of Safari 4 – Day Three, Performance and Stability

Continuing my Week with Safari 4, I thought I’d tackle one of the major selling points of this release, as well as a question many of you will be asking seeing as this product is in Beta. Performance Apple have made a big deal about the performance improvements in Safari 4 with some outrageous claims […]

Week of Safari 4 – Day One, First Impressions

As I mentioned in a previous post I’m trying out the new Safari 4 Beta as my only browser for a week. I think a week is sufficient time to really try it out whilst I perform some of my most common tasks. So earlier today I installed the beta and set about my daily […]

Am I too old to change browsers?

I’ve been a FireFox fan for a long time, since well before the first v1.0 release in fact, and I’ve recommended it to friends and family at every opportunity. I loved it’s extendibility, it’s feature set, it’s usability and the fact it was freely available to anyone who wanted. More that that though, I loved […]

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