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Display Upcoming Events on the iPhone Sleep Screen Without Hacks or Apps

Moving from a Nokia N95 to an iPhone 3g (eventually), one of the things I will miss is the list of upcoming events on the home screen.  Essentially, it’s just a simple list of events in my calendar that occur in the next few days.  So how can we emulate this functionality on an iPhone […]

How To Easily Check iPhone 3g / 3GS Availability

Updated: The information below, including the URLs, work fine for checking iPhone 3GS availability as well.  If you’re thinking of picking up an iPhone 3GS, be sure to read my iPhone 3GS review first. With O2 and Carphone Warehouse completely sold out of iPhone 3gs (at least according to their websites), it would appear that […]

iPhone Twitter App Showdown

The iPhone App Store has been one of the few true triumphs with regards to the iPhone 3g launch.  Considering the problems Mobile Me has been having, the problems upgrading the firmware 2.0 and the mass activation problems that struck on day one, the App Store launch is really the only thing that went smoothly.  […]

iPhone 3g Pricing From Around the World

With iPhone 3g enjoying a simultaneous release across over 20 countries, Apple and the various carriers it’s partnering with have been forced to announce their pricing strategy at about the same time.  Some reactions have been positive, some negative, and some very negative.  As far as I’m concerned, there are four markets of real interest […]

Is O2 Scared of iPhone 3g?

Talking to various people over the last few weeks has unveiled a trend.  O2, the UK supplier of iPhone 3g, may be a little worried about the launch.  Unfortunately it looks as if O2 simply aren’t geared up for the potential hit they have on their hands.  And this isn’t just hearsay and conjecture, there’s […]

Why iPhone 3g Isn't iPhone 2

Many people have pointed out the failings of the new iPhone 3g. Features seemingly omitted for no good reason.  Features that were much anticipated, and much rumoured.  But when you look at Apple, and the situation they are currently in with regards to their phone business, it makes perfect sense. Thinking about iPhone 3g, it […]

iPhone 3g – UK Prices, Details and Questions

So the iPhone 3g has been released, and we’ve got some details. But what does it mean fo rus Brits? And what’s the cheapest option for us.

The 3g iPhone "Must Haves"

I’ve made no secret of my hopes and dreams for the 3g iPhone, which is inevitably going to be announced in less than 24 hours at the WWDC opening keynote.  To recap, these are the predictions I made about  a month ago: – Same size (or very close), same form-factor Slightly reduced price, say £299 […]

A White iPhone? Not a Chance.

There have been persistent rumours suggesting that the 3g version of the iPhone will have a glossy white back.  The latest “leaked” photos come from Dutch site iPhoneClub.nl.  Call me cynical, but these just don’t stack up, here’s why. Firstly, Apple is trying hard to break into business, specifically enterprise, with the iPhone.  Creating one […]

iPhone – Exposing Poor Mac Support in Mobile Phones

I’ve made no secret of my desire to pick up a 3g iPhone when they become available.  However, it’s not necessarily the obvious draws that are driving me into the waiting arms of Apple, it’s something much simpler.  Much more basic.  Interoperability.  For the record, I hate that word.  It was used incessantly by an […]

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