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Failing to Serve Basic Visitor Needs

There are some breeds of website that should be tailoured to users with little internet experience. These are essential sites, sites that all sorts of people need to use. So why, in this case, where three of these “every man” sites so awful from a usability point of view?

BBC Redesign – A Mixed Bag

The BBC recently launched a fairly major revamp of its web site and it ended up as a bit of a mixed bag. There are some real triumphs, but the effort seems disproportionally distributed resulting in some major failures.

Does the WordPress Codex have the World's Worst Search?

When I’m developing a new WordPress theme, I inevitably end up hitting the WordPress Codex fairly regularly. Unfortunately, the more I get drawn into it looking for answers, the more it frustrates me. The problem isn’t necessarily the content, which does vary wildly depending on the page you’re looking at, it’s more about the navigation […]

EverNote Review and Invite Give Away

EverNote is a new note recording application with a twist. It allows you to search within images. So does it work, and how well does it stack up against the tools I currently use for gathering information?

Summing Up Why Phones Suck

If anyone has been looking for the reason most mobile phones have poor user experiences, this article might enlighten you.  To quote: – The panel, whose title was It’s the User Experience, Stupid agreed that iPhone represents a model for mobile operators to follow, but they reached little agreement on how to follow. The discussion […]

Google Reader Adds Annoying New Feature

I’m a big, nay, huge fan of Google Reader.  I love the fact that it’s a one stop shop for all my feeds which i can access on any computer, my phone and even my iPod Touch.  The best thing is, it works and looks great on all those platforms.  A very difficult feat to […]

Stuck in a Time Warp?

I was searching for the current time in the US earlier today and came across the Official U.S. Time Clock (screenshot below).  I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that the design for the official US Clock Website is so clearly stuck in the 1990s.  What use is a clock that’s behind the times? […]

How To Do Customer Service On The Cheap (Shocking BarclayCard, Shocking)

Customer Service is difficult, which is why many companies are getting professionals to assist them in answering service as one has to deal with difficult customers who all demand different things at different times. Companies that do it well become very successful and sometimes live off that reputation. So how can you do it on […]

5 Blog Design Pitfalls To Avoid

I’m currently in the progress of redesigning this blog. It’s a complete overhaul of the look and feel with the aim of a more professional, usable theme that will facilitate some of the future plans I have. When I’m designing something, or even thinking about designing something, I’m always on the look out for inspiration. […]

Common Sense Prevailing? iPlayer in Flash?!?

I’ve been highly critical of the BBC’s iPlayer in the past.  Not only did it have some very obvious failings, including the interface and confusing DRM, but it was also tied to Microsoft Windows XP.  Well, not any more.  Mashable is reporting (without a source I might add) that the BBC have signed a deal […]

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