The New Apple TV, From a British Perspective

Today Apple announced the new Apple TV.  It represents a shift in direction from the existing Apple TV away from ownership and towards renting.  It sounds good in theory, and if I were in the US I’d be excited about being able to rent TV shows for 99 cents.  However, the picture isn’t quite as […]

Three iPad RSS Readers that take completely different approaches

When I bought an iPad, one thing I was really looking forward to doing was reading through my list of subscribed feeds every day. The iPad struck me as the perfect device for doing this. It’s portable, responsive and is just about the best content consumption device I’ve had the joy of owning. And one […]

Looking at O2's New iPhone 4 Tariffs

O2 announced the tariffs for iPhone 4 today to much criticism. Gone are the unlimited data bundles of old, replaced by what could only be described as meagre allowances, reduced voice minutes, additional charges for MMS messages and higher charges. The Plans I thought it would be interesting to compare the current plan I’m on […]

Content Producers and Developers Devaluing Their Work Through Business Models

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while. It’s something that started with multimedia but has now found its way onto Apple’s app store. I’m talking of the recent trend of charging per device or per medium. My first experience of this was with BSKYB when I upgraded my satellite system to high […]

iPad Review

After months of hype and delays Apple finally released the iPad in the uk. For me it was a release filled with trepidation and uncertainty. As a card carrying Apple fanboi, I had to buy one, but it wasn’t something I was lusting after. There were many things about the iPad that excited me, but […]

Why I'm Excited, and Nervous about the iPad

Across the pond people have been getting their hands on Apple’s latest toy, the iPad.  Here in the UK we’re left to vicariously live through others, reading reviews, checking out unboxing videos and sneaking peaks at upcoming apps, like some sort of weird stalker trying to gather intelligence on a future mate. It all feels a little, […]

Two Hidden OSX Preview Gems

When I described Five Hidden OSX Gems a couple of years ago, I highlighted the flexibility of Preview.  Even back in the days of Tiger, it was a hugely useful tool, and I bemoaned having to use operating systems that didn’t have it. Since then, it’s grown significantly in usefulness.  I don’t know when the […]

What Should I Do, Sky?

Last night I put off going to bed so I could watch the Women’s Skeleton in the Winter Olympics.  There was a chance of Britain picking up an unlikely gold medal (we did!).  As the night hours turn into the morning hours, and the skeleton enters its final runs, my Sky+ HD receiver decided to […]

Newspaper Website Interface Review

I’ve been working on a WordPress theme for a while that’s geared towards high-content sites – sites that produce a lot of content on a regular basis.  Whilst I had a general idea of what I wanted to aim for, I thought some research was in order.  I wanted to see how high-content, high-traffic sites […]

Two Web Relics Are Being Killed Off

Sometimes you have a feeling of fondness for old technology.  Something you’ve used for years, or used to use years ago, that may not be the newest thing out there, but you like it none the less.  Like your old faithful dog, that follows you around all day destroying your slippers.  It smells a bit, […]

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