Welcome Wii-ers

I happened to check my logs and came across this entry, and for some reason its really amused me. I’ve been lucky enough to play around with the Wii web browser, based on Opera 9, and really like it. As far as non-computer web browsing goes, it up there with the best of them. If […]

Sacrificing Security and Privacy for Ease of Use

Login forms can be deceptively difficult to design. You have to wave certain users in while locking others out. Those two requirements are in direct contrast to each other. Most sites adapt the simple two box login, username/email and password with some other options like reset username and remember user occasionally popping up. Even with […]

Unsurprising Zune limitations

The Microsoft Zune portable media player hasn’t hit the UK yet but already one of its most advertised features, wireless music sharing, has been shown to be Defective by Design. This post over at Zunerama points out that large chunks of music simply cannot be shared across Zunes. Quite why record studios are worried about […]

WordPress Post Installation Checklist

There’s a good post over at Download Squad that goes through some essential things that must be done after installing WordPress. Seeing as that’s something I’ve just done, I can whole heartedly concur, except for a few settings here and there and their choice of plugins. Its a good post if your new to this […]

5 reasons why OSX is an unbeatable web development system

A few months ago I made the switch to Apple’s OSX after a long time as a dedicated Windows user. Overall I’m very happy with the experience so far, it’s really surpassed my expectations. There are loads of articles out there that tell you why you should switch and it seems a weekly occurrence for […]

Cryptic OSX Message

Apple’s OSX is often help up as a bastian of usability and clean, clear and understandable interfaces. Unfortunately, there are occasions where you are left completely baffled by it. This is one of those occasions. The message below popped up soon after I updated my FTP client of choice, Cyber Duck. As you can see, […]

A British Take on the iPhone

I watched the Mac World Keynote with interest, especially when it became obvious that Steve Jobs was going to reveal the iPhone (three new products my a#!@!). And, he did a great job of sucking people in to the famous “reality distortion field”. I for one was immediately sold on the whole concept, the interface […]

A Quick Note on Installing Worpress and Permalinks

As you may have noticed this blog is driven by WordPress, the very fine blogging platform. I’ve installed a number of WordPress implementations over the last year but this is the first one I’ve had any problems with, and this is why. Usually, I settle for the standard, prettyish permalink setting that includes the index.php […]

Cyber Security Protection

With email as the main entry point for cyber attackers, its important that companies ensure their email protection is actually protecting them from new and evolving threats, and that’s why there are many companies that Fortinet which specialize in this area. Keep in mind, cyber attackers use many different tools to disrupt networks and data […]

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