Analysing you, Dear Reader…

Even though this blog is but a few weeks old I have enough data in the logs to establish a few things about the readership.   Hopefully I can use this to tailor my content to suit your needs.   The first thing I’ve noticed is that many of you are embracing the Web 2.0. […]

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Automator and Apple Script in OSX

Automator and Apple Script provide some very powerful functionality once you get your teeth stuck into them. The problem is, as easy as they are to use (Automator especially), most people don’t realise what is possible. So, I thought I’d help you out. These are my 5 favourite things to do using Automator and Apple […]

Site Redesign Launched

Today we are launching a redesign of the Oak Innovations Blog.   The rest of the site will be updated in good time to mirror this design.   I thought the blog was a good place to try out this new look before sending it out site wide.   There are still a few bugs […]

Vista Annoyances

This Post over at PC World (the website, not the unbelievably overpriced UK computer store crammed with A Level computer students who wouldn’t know the difference between SATA and IDE if it bit them in the arse) points out some of the annoyances with Microsofts new OS, Vista.   Its a well thought out article […]

What Happens When You Get Dugg

A few days ago, this site made the digg front page thanks to this post on Hidden Gems in OSX. This is the first time a site I’ve been involved in has hit the front page of digg and its an experience that many will never encounter, so I thought I’d run you through what […]

The Site is Back!

Many of you would have noticed that the site experienced an extended period of downtime after being dugg to within an inch of its life, well, just past its life evidently. Anyway, we’re back up and on a new server! I’ll let you all know what really happened in a day or two. Suffice to […]

5 Hidden OSX Gems

As a recent convert to OSX there are many little pieces of functionality that delight me on an almost daily basis. Beyond the pretty UI, excellent (for the most part) usability and the fact that things seem to “just work”, theres a plethora of features that many users will simply not discover. No this list […]

Why Movie Downloads are Confusing

I ran across this post over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog today and it really struck a chord. Even though most internet users are on Windows, presumably XP, a similar majority are iPod users. So, to many people who see the XP compatibility, there is a link in their mind that means they can use […]

The BBC, Giving Incompetence a Bad Name

The news has been slowly breaking over the last few weeks that the BBC’s new “On Demand” service will be limited to Microsoft Windows.   Yes, thats right, the organisation funded by an enforced stealth tax is pulling another fast one by limiting it’s new service to just those running Windows.   I’m really struggling […]

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