5 Services Every Blogger Should Know About

There are many, many blogs out there. Some are better than others. Some that are not so good seem to get more traffic than they may deserve and some really good blogs remain fairly obscure. There are ways to give your blog a competitive edge however, so I’ll run through them just to even the […]

The worlds most complicated recipe?

I found this recipe on the BBC and it begs the question, is this the worlds easiest recipe?   For those who are too scared to follow the link, an extract is below (after the jump).

5 More OSX Hidden Gems

This is a follow up to a previous digg front page article covering the little things that make OSX special. Once again, I’m fairly new to OSX so the hardcore out there will no doubt be glossing over with boredom after a few seconds. Anyway, this list is taken from a couple of different places […]

5 FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

Use FireFox? Well you need these five top Keyboard shortcuts. I use them all at least once every waking hour of the day. Not revolutionary or new, just great and time saving. You may also like to read about two FireFox URL tricks I use just as much. Jump to the Search Box – Ctrl(Windows)/Cmd(OSX) […]

My Problem with Phone Contracts

The contract for my mobile phone ran out about 6 months ago yet, I’m still hanging on to my current phone and plan.   The reason is that around the time my contract ran out, there really wasn’t a phone out there that I wanted.   And with imminent (at that point rumored) iPhone and […]

5 Ways To Take the Pain Out of Web Design

Web design and web development is, by nature, a very complicated beast. There are so many things to consider at every stage of the process, it can sometimes become somewhat confusing, especially to those who don’t have their workflows sorted. I’m not looking to suck the fun out of web design, its an enjoyable process […]

5 Things That Make Quicksilver Awesome

I love Quicksilver. As app launchers go its pretty much untouchable. As apps in general go, its right up there with the best of them. I cannot emphasise enough just how much easier Quicksilver can make your OSX life. Unfortunately (I’m kicking myself for using that word) its just got too much functionality available. Too […]

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