Google Mac blog hacked?

I was browsing my RSS feeds today and came across a very strange post on the Official Google Mac Blog.   Screenshot below. I went straight to the blog to investigate and, lo and behold, the offending post has now gone. Is this another example of Blogger being hacked in a very public way? Or […]

5 Half truths about the Leopard delay

I’m sure you’ve all heard that the next version of OSX, 10.5 or Leopard to give it its feline name, has been delayed past the previously announced summer release. Theres been a bit of a backlash in some circles and some quiet acceptance in others. Unfortunately, in amongst all the usual blog chitter-chatter there are […]

Nokia N95 Lazy Review

I mentioned a while back that I’d probably be laying out for a Nokia N95, the all singing all dancing new 3g phone from Nokia. And, my predictions were right. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now so I feel safe in putting out my initial thoughts. This is, of course, […]

The digg effect and unreliable hosts

I mentioned a while back that the digg effect killed our shared hosting service and, obviously, we weren’t the only ones. This post over at The Seminal goes through a very similar situation they recently had. Interestingly, they moved to a service which specifically promises 100% uptime when the digg effect hits. Unfortunately, the site […]

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