Offsetting Your Hosting

While writing a recent post on digital photography, I wanted to use some large high-quality photographs to demonstrate some of my tips. Unfortunately, at the quality I wanted to use, the images we’re fairly large and by using them in the post, I would essentially be writing the death warrant for the web server. So […]

5 Top Point and Shoot Photography tips

Not all of us want, need or can afford a fancy Digital SLR camera, yet it seems many of the photography tips and sites on the internet concentrate on having such equipment. Personally, I like to take photographs but glaze over whenever someone starts talking about the technical bits. With that in mind, I’ve put […]

Hundreds of Free Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Tutorials

I stumbled across this links earlier today and it contains literally hundreds of video tutorials for every application within the Adobe Creative Suite 3. It seems most of them are geared towards the new features, but it’s such a great resource it’s bound to be useful for users old and new alike. There’s a particularly […]

Slight Google Interface Refresh – Meh

I know quite a few of you out there are users of Google’s web services such as Google Mail, Google Calendar and suchlike.   And as Google users, you’ve probably noticed that there has been an ever so slight interface refresh recently.   Sign in to Gmail for example, and you’ll see a revemped services […]

5 Usefull AppleScripts you already have

Apple Script is a very powerful tool. It’s been said that the entire printed media runs on Apple Script, and you can see why. It offers an ability to control many aspect of your Mac in many different ways. That’s the headline statement Apple will feed you but unfortunately, Apple Script can get very complicated […]

Joost Review

There’s been a bit of a fuss over Joost recently. The reason? Well they’ve done something many people have said should have been done. They’ve given us TV over the Internet. So is this the start of something big, or just a toy? I’ve been playing around with it for a few days with the […]

Joost – Invites Available

I’m working on a review of the new Internet TV service Joost.   In the meantime, I have some invites to give away.   So if you’re interested, drop a line in the comments or pop me an email.   As a taster, I’ve included a screenshot of what you should expect to see if […]

Quick OSX Tip – Full Screen Quicktime without Pro!

One of the things that really bugs new Mac users is the fact that they can’t watch Quicktime movies in Full Screen. It’s a real pain and feels a lot like a rip off, asking you to fork out for a Pro license when you’ve just dropped a few thousand on a new Mac. And […]

So just how censored is the Internet?

A while ago, the encryption key used on HDDVD was release into the interwebnets. Since then, there’s been a bit of a fuss, what with sites that have posted the key disappearing mysteriously and posts on sites such as digg being removed and/or moderated. This was all sparked off by a DMCA takedown notice issued […]

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