BBC iPlayer – Review

A few days ago the BBC’s much discussed iPlayer went live to a beta audience. For now, I’ll stay away from the controversy the iPlayer has caused (and the irony that the “iPlayer” won’t work on an “iPod”, “iBook” or “iMac”, despite Apple popularising the “i” moniker) and just concentrate on the service itself. For […]

5 Hooks to Convert Non OSX Users

There are many reasons you may want to change operating system. Or, you’ve already made the change and you want to convince others. So beyond the techie stuff, and ignoring the oft repeated adverts and headline stats, what OSX features can you use to convert the non-believers, or as we’ll call them from now on, […]

Is Stikkit the Ultimate Blogging Aide?

There are a few universal truths about Blogging. Firstly, many bloggers see blogging as a hobby, something to do in their spare time. Secondly, bloggers tend to be ideas people, they think of something and then blog about it. The problem is, these two truths don’t really go hand in hand. When the ideas come, […]

5 Reasons to Turn on Debug in Safari

Not many people know that you can turn Safari into a powerhouse browser with a simple terminal command.   Use the following command to turn on the debug menu in Safari: defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1 With this on (run the same command but swap the 1 for a 0 to turn it back off), […]

Full Screen Quicktime Comes Early

It’s been touted that Full Screen viewing of movies will be coming to Quicktime in Leopard, but lo and behold, it’s here now.   Check your Software Update right now for Quicktime 7.2 which, among other things, includes full screen viewing.   Considering it’s truly baffling that functionality like this has been missing from Quicktime […]

5 Simple WiFi security tips

It seems as if nearly every home and business has a Wi-Fi connection these days, in fact, I can see seven at the moment from inside my house. But as Wi-Fi goes more and more mainstream, it is reaching people who may not be best equipped to set it up securely. So, in an attempt to […]

5 Quicksilver everyday tips

For most Mac uses, Quicksilver is an app that gets used heavily every day. So, in a follow up to my post on why Quicksilver is awesome, I thought I’d bring you five every day Quicksilver tips. Quick little tidbits of information that can help you every day.

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