5 Resources to Make YOU a Better Blogger

If your a blogger, you need help. I know that’s a blunt statement, but it needs to be said. There isn’t a blogger on the planet who knows everything. Fortunately, many people know bits of information, often in highly specialised areas. The great thing is, bloggers like to write, so they will often share their tips with their readers. So, whether your just starting out, or are looking for a few ways to improve your site, have a look at my five favourite blogging resources. And these aren’t one offs, I visit these daily and am constantly learning from them. Using a combination of techniques described in these resources, I’ve increased visitors, subscribers and revenue.

  1. Problogger – An obvious choice really. Not only is is written by one of the most well know professional bloggers but there’s a thriving community in the comments. The recent “31 Days to a better blog” series has been excellent, and not only goes to show the breadth of talent of the blog’s writer, but also within the ranks of it’s readership. Of course, I may just be saying that because this blog has been featured multiple times. I just hope there will be some sort of forum appearing soon just to help the community grow that little bit more.
  2. Copyblogger – There are certain sites that appear in my Feed Reader that I gloss over and rarely read. Copyblogger is the complete opposite. Along with Problogger, I generally read the entire article everytime a new one is posted. The only explanation I can come up with is that they follow their own advice on writing attention grabbing headlines that I literally have no choice but to read their content. It’s impossible to resist. Now, don’t you want your blog to be like that? Copyblogger addresses basic copy writing skills, such as writing good articles, writing good headlines and using copy on landing pages and gives great, sound advice on all aspects of content creation.
  3. Earners Forum – Make no mistake, when it comes to making money from the internet there are some big hitter hanging round in this forum. When you see that some of the regulars have confirmed monthly incomes in excess of $50,000, you quickly realise that these are people you need to be listening to.
  4. Techmeme – This is a bit of a specialist site for the tech industry, but is so good I just have to mention it. Techmeme knows the news before anywhere else, so if your a blogger who talks about tech issues, Techmeme can be a great source of content, and if you catch it early you can be one step ahead of the pack.
  5. Freelance Switch – Many bloggers don’t make the connection between blogging and freelance work. So here’s a quick tip. If you run your own blog and write content for it, treat yourself has a freelancer. Estimate how long a certain piece of content will take to complete, go through all the quality checks you would for an external client and treat the entire process as a professional transaction. If you’re not happy with the outcome, figure out why and offer yourself advice on how to improve. Clear separation is very valuable, if you can do it. With that in mind, have a look at Freelance Switch, which is a great resource on freelance work, and making the switch to becoming a freelancer. Some of the tips they come up with are priceless, and they come from people who have literally “been there and done that”.

I’d like to reiterate that these are sites I visit pretty much daily and have gained so much from them. Collectively, they cover pretty much every aspect of running a blog, from finding content, to writing content, managing your time and running a blog. We also post content focused on building better blogs, so be sure to subscribe to our feed, it’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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