The Quickest way to Upload to Flickr? Quicksilver

Uploading to flickrLike most people, I’m a fan of flickr. It’s just a great place to store your pictures and discover new ones. Another feeling I probably share with other flickr users is the frustration of getting your pictures onto the site. Luckily, Quicksilver can step in and provide, in my opinion, the easiest, quickest and best way to get your photos onto flickr.

You’ll need the flickr plugin for Quicksilver, and you’ll also need to authenticate Quicksilver’s access to the flickr site. No doubt you’ve done this before, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. With this installed and set up, flickr now becomes incredibly easy to upload to. Quicksilver, wherever it sees a photo, will now present the option to upload to flickr. This includes searching through Quicksilver, which is the obvious choice, or using some of the fantastic proxy objects. My two favourites are the current finder selection object and the current iPhoto selection object. What this means is you can select an image in finder, or iPhoto, invoke Quicksilver, call up the relevant proxy object as the object and then upload to flickr as the action. The screenshot I’ve used is a very basic example of uploading to flickr from iPhoto.

One of the great advantages you get with this technique, apart from being able to access it quickly from anywhere, is that you can really easily add tags to the pictures you are uploading by going into the third pane, entering text mode, and typing the tags. It’s by far the easiest method I’ve come across for uploading photos to flickr and tagging them. One thing that seems to be missing, however, is Quicksilver picking up on any tags you may already have set against an image. It makes you add them fresh every time eve though you may have added a tag against the image already using the Quicksilver Tagging plugin. I would hope support for tagging (keywords) in iPhoto 08 is just around the corner.

Do you have any quick Quicksilver or OSX tips like this? If you do, why not drop them in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, why not check out 5 Hidden OSX Gems, Five Things that make Quicksilver Awesome and 5 More Hidden OSX Gems.