2 FireFox URL Tricks

FireFox is a powerfull tool. With the amount of extensions available for it, you can tailor it for almost any need. There are, however, some fantastic pieces of functionality built right into FireFox that can be hugely beneficial, even if they need a bit of setting up first. In this post I’ll cover two such […]

LinkWorth – Something smells fishy

If you read this blog, you’ll probably be aware that we use Text Link Ads to provide some regular income. Text Link Ads is by no means perfect, but they are certainly the biggest and are probably the best outfit out there at the moment for selling links on blogs and websites.   Recently, a […]

Full Screen Window Switching in OSX

Expose is a great feature in Apple OSX.   it lets you easily and quickly switch between windows and crucially, unlike command – tab lets you see the content of each window while you are switching.   There are times however, when you want to see each window in a bit more detail than the […]

Mobilise Your Archive! – Better Blogging Challenge

This post has been written as weekly challenge issued to the members of the Better Blogging community, a collection of people passionate about blogging and committed to becoming better at it. It’s an open and friendly group, and you’ll be made to feel welcome. For this weeks task we’ll be putting our archives to work […]

Cleanse your Subscriptions with Google Reader

As a user of “the internet”, I’d be willing to guess you are currently subscribed to quite a few RSS Feeds. Feeds are a great way to ensure you stay in touch with your favourite sites and saves you the hassle of going round to each site every day to see if something new has […]

The Modern Back Ache – Headaches – 5 Tips to Avoid Them

In years gone by, when the vast majority of work was manual, back aches were a real problem for a large percentage of the population. Modern techniques, and a shift towards non-manual work for large portions of the workforce means that back ache isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. That’s not to say […]

Apple Store Oddity – They don't want my money!

I was browsing the Apple UK store today, trying to decide whether it’s actually time to put my money into a new MacBook Pro, and I noticed something very strange. And it’s strange on two levels, multiple layers of strangeness even. I’m talking about the page you arrive at having selected to purchase a MacBook […]

A New Traffic Exchange System for Bloggers

A new, blogger targeted, traffic exchange system has just launched. Blog Rush places a link to your blog every time its widget is loaded on one of your pages. This is a system that’s been used before and typically has some problems, which I’ll run through in a second. Firstly, I wanted to let you […]

Answering the iPod Nano Screenshot Question

When I posted about the different images of iPod Nanos on the UK and US stores a few days ago something major completely flew over my head. I made the point in the post that Apple were showing the US version of The Office on the screens for the UK store but something different on […]

Why are US and UK iPod Images Different?

While writing my post on the outrageous price differences us UKers have been subjected to for the honour of buying the new iPods, I noticed something peculiar. The images used in the UK and US versions of the Apple online store different. And when I say different, I really mean different. While it’s common place […]

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