How to Kill a Community?

Building a community of loyal, active readers is difficult, time consuming process fraught with dangers. So why, in the last 24 hours, have two major online publications put the loyalty of their communities in jeopardy? I’m not comparing the two cases, one is simply questionable behaviour while the other is downright despicable. So what am […]

UK Apple Store Sale

The UK apple store has gone live with it’s sale a few minutes ago (after a bit of a delay).   Highlights include between £30 and £60 off MacBooks and iMacs, £7 each off iLife and iWork ’08 and a few quid off various iPods (although, unfortunately, not the touch. In case you’re interested, I’m […]

The Top 5 Uses for WordPress Custom Fields

If you use WordPress, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Custom Fields” option you get when writing a post. For the vast majority of bloggers, this incredibly usefull, and versatile piece of functionality goes unused. At the moment you may be thinking that the reason you don’t use it, is that you have no use for […]

Finally, Google Takes a Valid and Worthwhile Step

I’ve written previously about Google reducing the PageRank of sites that sell links, but it seems as if they’ve gotten round to another much maligned aspect of blogging, Pay Per Post.   Personally, I don’t like Pay Per Post.   While I accept that some blogs make alot of money from it (see the image […]

Why Google HAD to butcher PageRank

With all the controversy about Google reducing the page rank of sites that sell links, everyone seems to be overlooking one crucial point. Google HAD to do it. To understand why, we really need to look at the overall effect of the PageRank drop across those sites. When the PageRank drop happened, many were surprise […]

R.I.P Windows Mobile

Today is the beginning of the end for Windows Mobile. The software found on phones and portable devices, loved by some, loathed by many, is staring down the end of a long barrel. Why? Well, like other technology markets, Google has jumped in and caused a huge splash. Today, Android was officially announced. Android seems, […]

5 Steps to Successfully Break into a New Niche

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve recently started a new blog in an entirely new niche.   It’s generally an exciting experience.   I feel passionate about the subject matter and felt like I had a lot to contribute.   Essentially I answered, in my own mind, the two most important questions when it comes to […]

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