All Dressed Up for 2008 – Blog Re-Design Live

A new design has been rolled out to the blog and, for the first time, the entire site. Get the lowdown on what’s been done and why.

5 Crazy Macworld 2008 Predictions

MacWorld is only 2 and half weeks away, so let’s start speculating wildly about it’s content. I’m 100% sure all my predictions will come true, sort of.

All Signs Point to Multi-Touch Macs

With the persistent rumours about upcoming Multi-Touch Macs, is there evidence to support their introduction? I believe so, and it’s all come recently.

What Would Make Me Sign up for .Mac?

.Mac stares you in the face whenever you use your Mac. Apple pushes it whenever possible but, I’ve never really been tempted. So what would have to change about .Mac before I seriously consider it?

Why Are Plugins and Tools Making My Code Invalid?

I’ve mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks that I’m currently working on a new design for this blog. I’ve now stumbled into a problem, one that will be difficult to overcome. The problem at hand is to do with code validity. I won’t bother going into the pros and cons of […]

iPlayer Flash – Review

Today, the BBC launched a Flash version of the controversial iPlayer. So how does it stack up given the all round beating the download based iPlayer took? The first thing is that the iPlayer is now cross platform. Well, cross platform in as much as it uses Macrodobe’s Flash technology which, while still proprietary, at […]

Just How Will iPhone Apps Work?

Ever since apple announced that applications will be coming to iPhone (and iPod Touch, pictured) there’s been one question on my mind more than any other, just how will it work? We already know thay applications will be bought and sold through the iTunes store, presumably limiting the distribution to those apps Apple approve. This […]

How To Do Customer Service On The Cheap (Shocking BarclayCard, Shocking)

Let me start off by giving a bit of background. I signed up for a new Credit Card. Christmas, along with a trip to New York, is coming up, so a bit of credit comes in handy. Especially when BarclayCard are offering interest free purchases and balance transfers. Great, so I signed up. A few […]

5 Blog Design Pitfalls To Avoid

I’m currently in the progress of redesigning this blog. It’s a complete overhaul of the look and feel with the aim of a more professional, usable theme that will facilitate some of the future plans I have. When I’m designing something, or even thinking about designing something, I’m always on the look out for inspiration. […]

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