5 OSX Leopard Hidden Gems

Since my last two OSX Hidden Gem posts, OSX has gone up a version and many OSX users have entered the brave new world of Leopard.   Leopard has been an interesting release.   Not as major as some would have hoped yet still interesting enough to warrant the entrance fee. Just like the previous […]

Google Reader Adds Annoying New Feature

I’m a big, nay, huge fan of Google Reader.   I love the fact that it’s a one stop shop for all my feeds which i can access on any computer, my phone and even my iPod Touch.   The best thing is, it works and looks great on all those platforms.   A very […]

5 Websites to Save You Money

Feeling the pinch after the holidays? Try these five websites that will save you money.

3 WordPress Theme Tips

In developing the new WordPress theme for this site I had to expand my WordPress knowledge in order to meet some of my goals. These are the techniques I used.

Macworld 2008 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A week on and the dust has settled on the Macworld 2008 announcements. So what were the highlights and lowlights of the show?

Services for Bloggers that are Worth Paying for

Some things in life really are worth paying for. So what do you, as a blogger, need to be looking at investing in to make successful blog? As a minimum, take a look at these essentials.

CSS Edit – Competition Part Deux!

CSS Edit is one of, if not THE best CSS editing application available on any platform.   It blows most others completely out of the water.   Why?   It’s a very mac-like application.   It’s fast, sleek, highly usable and does a fantastic job of catering for beginners and experienced users alike.   The […]

Macworld 2008 – iPhone and iPod Updates

Apple squeezed out some minor updates to the iPhone and iPod Touch during Macworld 2008.   In amongst the barrage of stats thrown our way, there were five new apps made available for the Touch and new firmware for the iPhone.   So what are the changes? The iPhone has an enhanced Google Maps application […]

Macworld 2008 – AppleTV 2 and iTunes Movie Rentals UK Prices and Specs

Oddly for a Steve Jobs keynote, he started the Apple TV/iTunes Movie Rentals section on a negative point.   Movies and the Apple TV aren’t performing as well as they hoped, apparently.   I’m not quite sure what they were hoping for, seeing as iTunes has more sales than the rest of the competition put […]

Macworld 2008 – MacBook Air UK Specs and Prices

The Macworld highlight, Steve’s Keynote, has been and gone.   As with most keynotes, much of it was US focused.   So this is the Macworld Keynote with a British Accent. This is the first post, covering the big announcement, look for more soon. MacBook Air Undoubtedly the star of the show.   Much of […]

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