Blogging With Images Just Got Easier

Two recent developments have made adding pictures to your blog posts a whole lot easier.

The Baffling World of US Politics, by a Brit

As an outsider, I can look at the US Presidential Elections with curiosity and interest, knowing I can’t affect it, but the outcome will affect me. But as an outsider, someone who is a couple of steps back, a few things about the approach, system and process really baffle me.

Summing Up Why Phones Suck

If anyone has been looking for the reason most mobile phones have poor user experiences, this article might enlighten you.   To quote: – The panel, whose title was It’s the User Experience, Stupid agreed that iPhone represents a model for mobile operators to follow, but they reached little agreement on how to follow. The […]

The Apple Delay?

Since I’ve been following Apple it appears as if they are getting looser and looser with their release dates. Is this just my perception, or is there something nefarious going on here?

Can Apple Support Multiple iPhone SKUs?

With the demand for an iPhone with a faster connection growing, how will Apple approach the differing standards found across the world for providing such wireless data?

3 Tips for Using Spaces in OSX Leopard

When OSX Leopard was first announced, Spaces was one of the features that got me most excited.   Whenever I’m at my Mac, I’m typically doing a number of things at the same time.   The ability to quickly and easily switch between seemingly full desktops, each of which containing applications, had me sold from […]

The Very Best Articles about Apple and OSX

This post summarises the best articles covering Apple and OSX from this site’s archives.

Five Tips to Succeed in IT After Leaving University

It can be difficult getting the right job when leaving university. IT is particularly hard with increased competition from your peers, people re-skilling and the always present threat of out-sourcing. So what can you do to raise yourself above the pack? How can you give yourself an advantage at a very difficult time? Try these five tips as a start.

If You Didn't See This Coming, You're a Civil Servant…

It’s Tax Return time. And, as if like clockwork, the HMRC website has gone down. But how can this continue to happen?

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