a.viary Review and Invite Giveaway

Over the last few months I’ve posted on numerous occasions about how great Picnik is. As a blogger, it suits my needs pretty perfectly. The simple interface, and the ease with which I can get images into and out of it are the major selling points. Some have criticized the lack of features compared to […]

Does the WordPress Codex have the World's Worst Search?

When I’m developing a new WordPress theme, I inevitably end up hitting the WordPress Codex fairly regularly. Unfortunately, the more I get drawn into it looking for answers, the more it frustrates me. The problem isn’t necessarily the content, which does vary wildly depending on the page you’re looking at, it’s more about the navigation […]

EverNote Review and Invite Give Away

EverNote is a new note recording application with a twist. It allows you to search within images. So does it work, and how well does it stack up against the tools I currently use for gathering information?

Today's iPlayer News is…

I seem to be commenting quite a bit on the BBC iPlayer these days. I think there are two reasons for this. Firstly, as a tax license fee payer, I have a vested interest. Secondly, I want it to succeed. I really want to be able to watch BBC content at my convenience. I want […]

iPlayer on iPhone, Bravo!

After being critical of the BBC in the past, particularly in relation to their iPlayer project, I’ve got to hold my hands up and say they’ve done quite a nice job in porting it to the iPhone. Despite some long-lingering usability problems which just got much worse.

Congratulations… The Apple Advantage

After opening a new Time Capsule, I discovered a few things about Apple’s packaging, all designed to make you fee special.

My Latest Blog – And Complicated WordPress Theme Development

I’ve launched a new blog with a complicated and unique theme. Read about my thought process and techniques.

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