A White iPhone? Not a Chance.

There have been persistent rumours suggesting that the 3g version of the iPhone will have a glossy white back.   The latest “leaked” photos come from Dutch site iPhoneClub.nl.   Call me cynical, but these just don’t stack up, here’s why. Firstly, Apple is trying hard to break into business, specifically enterprise, with the iPhone. […]

Quicksilver Tip – Quicksilver as an App Switcher

Like pretty much every OSX user out there, I’m a huge fan of Quicksilver.   I’ve written about it on this very blog numerous times before.   There’s one aspect of Quicksilver I’ve failed to mention so far, and it’s something that I use every single day.   To put it simply, you can use […]

Add Twitter to your FireFox Sidebar with Hahlo

Twitter is great.   Hahlo is great.   And, FireFox is great.   And when you combine the three, wow.   There’s been a rush of late with people puttin iPhone versions of sites into their FireFox Sidebar.   it’s a great idea as iPhone sites are typically formatted in such a way that allows […]

iPhone – Exposing Poor Mac Support in Mobile Phones

I’ve made no secret of my desire to pick up a 3g iPhone when they become available.   However, it’s not necessarily the obvious draws that are driving me into the waiting arms of Apple, it’s something much simpler.   Much more basic.   Interoperability.   For the record, I hate that word.   It […]

New Google Reader for iPhone

Google has just released a sleek version of Google Reader for use on the iPhone. It almost mirrors the functionality found in the full version and incorporates some nice AJAX functionality to make it all very mobile friendly.

3g iPhone Inevitable

Recent events mean that it is now inevitable that there’ll be a new version of iPhone, and it’s coming soon. But what do we know about it, and what can we work out logically?

How Poor Usability Can Irrevocably Damage A Brand

Natuba launched a new iPhone focused social photo sharing site. They were fortunate to get coverage on TechCrunch, a leading blog, but the initial post pointed out functionality the site didn’t appear to have. Although it actually did. So how much did this usability failing hurt Natuba?

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