Why is the Reddit RSS Feed Broken?

Like millions of other web users I look to some of the large social news websites to find new content.   Mainly Reddit, Digg and Mixx.   And, like millions of other web users I’m quite busy, so I rely on the RSS feeds of those websites to keep up with them.   However, recently […]

The Easiest Way to Shorten URLs

We all come across situations where a URL is just a little bit too long.   OK, that may not be true, but anyone who has used Twitter (follow me on Twitter!) knows that every character counts, so being able to shorten a 73 character URL into a 25 character URL is essential.   The […]

iPhone 3g – UK Prices, Details and Questions

So the iPhone 3g has been released, and we’ve got some details. But what does it mean fo rus Brits? And what’s the cheapest option for us.

The 3g iPhone "Must Haves"

I’ve made no secret of my hopes and dreams for the 3g iPhone, which is inevitably going to be announced in less than 24 hours at the WWDC opening keynote.   To recap, these are the predictions I made about   a month ago: – Same size (or very close), same form-factor Slightly reduced price, […]

BBC Launches Topics – Friend Feed for Stuff

The BBC have announced a new service called /topics. It aims to provide a one-stop shop for all news relating to either a person, place or subject, with the news gathered from the BBC News Website. So how does it hold up?

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