How to Implement a Robust, Usable Image Thumbnail Solution in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how to create a robust and usable thumbnail solution for WordPress themes. One that will automatically resize images and optionally add borders and copyright watermarks.

Why FireFox's Ubiquity could be a game changer

Mozilla, the people behind FireFox, have tentatively released a new plugin called Ubiquity out into the wild.   One fairly humble blog post on the Mozilla Lab’s Blog is, in my opinion, going to change the way we all think about the web. What is Ubiquity? The quick way of describing Ubiquity is to simply […]

How to exploit the Olympics as a Blogger

The Beijing Olympics are big, no doubt about it.   But what do you do if you’re a blogger who’s blog doesn’t cover anything to do with the 2008 Olympics?   How can you take advantage of one of the most watched events in the world?   Let’s take a look at some ways even […]

What happens when there's no story?

Those in the blogging community who cover Apple related news have been jumping all over the Mobile Me launch, and its well documented failures.   It’s even got to the point where, allegedly, Steve Jobs has admitted Apple made a mistake in launching Mobile Me at the time they did.   It would be very […]

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