Am I too old to change browsers?

I’ve been a FireFox fan for a long time, since well before the first v1.0 release in fact, and I’ve recommended it to friends and family at every opportunity. I loved it’s extendibility, it’s feature set, it’s usability and the fact it was freely available to anyone who wanted. More that that though, I loved that it was sticking one up Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, a product that was languishing without any worthwhile updates to the detriment of the internet as a whole.

Recently, my love for FireFox has been dwindling. Performance, particularly on my 1st generation MacBook (which is essentially just an internet browsing machine for me), has been less than stellar. There have been noticeable slowdowns when rendering Flash and as I’ve moved more and more of my life online, sluggish performance in my browser has become less and less acceptable. I wanted more speed, I needed more speed, but am I prepared to trade off some of FireFox’s advantages?

So it’s time to put my money, or at least my time, where my mouth is. For the next week, seven days, I will be using the new Safari 4 Beta as my one and only browser. Much of the publicity and fanfare surrounding this release has been focused on the amazing claims of speed

The image at the top of this post represents my default browser setting this morning, and then again tonight. Such an innocuous looking setting is actually a major step for me.

Over the next week, I’ll be documenting my day-to-day findings and experiences using Safari 4 on OSX Leopard. So stay tuned!

Are you planning on trying Safari 4?