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The 5 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users

I love Twitter, I do.   Even though I took a while to “get it”, and then even longer to “like it”, I’m now a fan.   I have, however, made a conscience effort to limit not only my presence (follow me) on Twitter, but also the number of people I follow.   I believe […]

Five Tips to Succeed in IT After Leaving University

It can be difficult getting the right job when leaving university. IT is particularly hard with increased competition from your peers, people re-skilling and the always present threat of out-sourcing. So what can you do to raise yourself above the pack? How can you give yourself an advantage at a very difficult time? Try these five tips as a start.

5 Websites to Save You Money

Feeling the pinch after the holidays? Try these five websites that will save you money.

Best of 2007 on The Oak Innovations Blog

2007 is gone. It was the year this blog started, and these are the five most popular posts from the last year.

5 Blogging Predictions for 2008

It’s time to throw out the calendars and hang up the new ones. The perfect time to make some predictions on the immediate future of blogging, and the blogosphere.

5 Crazy Macworld 2008 Predictions

MacWorld is only 2 and half weeks away, so let’s start speculating wildly about it’s content. I’m 100% sure all my predictions will come true, sort of.

5 Blog Design Pitfalls To Avoid

I’m currently in the progress of redesigning this blog. It’s a complete overhaul of the look and feel with the aim of a more professional, usable theme that will facilitate some of the future plans I have. When I’m designing something, or even thinking about designing something, I’m always on the look out for inspiration. […]

The Top 5 Uses for WordPress Custom Fields

If you use WordPress, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Custom Fields” option you get when writing a post. For the vast majority of bloggers, this incredibly usefull, and versatile piece of functionality goes unused. At the moment you may be thinking that the reason you don’t use it, is that you have no use for […]

5 Steps to Successfully Break into a New Niche

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve recently started a new blog in an entirely new niche.   It’s generally an exciting experience.   I feel passionate about the subject matter and felt like I had a lot to contribute.   Essentially I answered, in my own mind, the two most important questions when it comes to […]

5 Things To Do When Starting A New Blog

Starting a new blog is always a difficult process. There are so many things that can go wrong, and if you put a step wrong at this point, it’s likely to haunt you well into your first year. The best way to counter these risks is to plan meticulously. When launching the blog you can […]

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