Not Even Lawyers Read Terms and Conditions

Lawyers use Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) to baffle people into handing over sensitive data and giving away rights.   Legalese is a mystical language that affects many but is understood y few.   As a general rule, I try and read the terms of any offer which requires me to hand over personal information, especially […]

Why is the Reddit RSS Feed Broken?

Like millions of other web users I look to some of the large social news websites to find new content.   Mainly Reddit, Digg and Mixx.   And, like millions of other web users I’m quite busy, so I rely on the RSS feeds of those websites to keep up with them.   However, recently […]

The Baffling World of US Politics, by a Brit

As an outsider, I can look at the US Presidential Elections with curiosity and interest, knowing I can’t affect it, but the outcome will affect me. But as an outsider, someone who is a couple of steps back, a few things about the approach, system and process really baffle me.

Google Reader Adds Annoying New Feature

I’m a big, nay, huge fan of Google Reader.   I love the fact that it’s a one stop shop for all my feeds which i can access on any computer, my phone and even my iPod Touch.   The best thing is, it works and looks great on all those platforms.   A very […]

How To Do Customer Service On The Cheap (Shocking BarclayCard, Shocking)

Let me start off by giving a bit of background. I signed up for a new Credit Card. Christmas, along with a trip to New York, is coming up, so a bit of credit comes in handy. Especially when BarclayCard are offering interest free purchases and balance transfers. Great, so I signed up. A few […]

The Modern Back Ache – Headaches – 5 Tips to Avoid Them

In years gone by, when the vast majority of work was manual, back aches were a real problem for a large percentage of the population. Modern techniques, and a shift towards non-manual work for large portions of the workforce means that back ache isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. That’s not to say […]

Google Mac blog hacked?

I was browsing my RSS feeds today and came across a very strange post on the Official Google Mac Blog.   Screenshot below. I went straight to the blog to investigate and, lo and behold, the offending post has now gone. Is this another example of Blogger being hacked in a very public way? Or […]

The digg effect and unreliable hosts

I mentioned a while back that the digg effect killed our shared hosting service and, obviously, we weren’t the only ones. This post over at The Seminal goes through a very similar situation they recently had. Interestingly, they moved to a service which specifically promises 100% uptime when the digg effect hits. Unfortunately, the site […]

The worlds most complicated recipe?

I found this recipe on the BBC and it begs the question, is this the worlds easiest recipe?   For those who are too scared to follow the link, an extract is below (after the jump).

Welcome Wii-ers

I happened to check my logs and came across this entry, and for some reason its really amused me. I’ve been lucky enough to play around with the Wii web browser, based on Opera 9, and really like it. As far as non-computer web browsing goes, it up there with the best of them. If […]

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