Oak Innovations

A New Look for a New year

To reflect a change in focus and a change in my interests I’ve redesigned this blog. In this post I discuss the main reasons for doing this, the process I followed and some of my goals. I also briefly discuss some of the tools and techniques I used in the redesign and where the blog is heading.

Going with Full RSS Feeds

I’ve decided to use Full Post RSS and email feeds on this blog. So if you subscribe, you’ll now be getting the entire post delivered direct to you. Find out my reasons for going “Full Feed”.

All Dressed Up for 2008 – Blog Re-Design Live

A new design has been rolled out to the blog and, for the first time, the entire site. Get the lowdown on what’s been done and why.

A Fresher Look

You may have noticed that the site’s design has been tweaked a bit.   Specifically, I’ve tried to go for a much easier to read colour scheme, which also happens to be much lighter than the old one. Hopefully there aren’t any bugs as I’ve kept the main structure and layout of the site largely […]

New Site Design

We’ve just this very minute launched a new design for the site. I’m hesitant to use the word, but at the moment the design feels very “beta”. I’d still like to do some tweaking but in the spirit of Web 2.0, I thought I’d throw it out to you to play around with. It’s been […]

Site Redesign Launched

Today we are launching a redesign of the Oak Innovations Blog.   The rest of the site will be updated in good time to mirror this design.   I thought the blog was a good place to try out this new look before sending it out site wide.   There are still a few bugs […]

What Happens When You Get Dugg

A few days ago, this site made the digg front page thanks to this post on Hidden Gems in OSX. This is the first time a site I’ve been involved in has hit the front page of digg and its an experience that many will never encounter, so I thought I’d run you through what […]

The Site is Back!

Many of you would have noticed that the site experienced an extended period of downtime after being dugg to within an inch of its life, well, just past its life evidently. Anyway, we’re back up and on a new server! I’ll let you all know what really happened in a day or two. Suffice to […]

Welcome Wii-ers

I happened to check my logs and came across this entry, and for some reason its really amused me. I’ve been lucky enough to play around with the Wii web browser, based on Opera 9, and really like it. As far as non-computer web browsing goes, it up there with the best of them. If […]

A Quick Note on Installing Worpress and Permalinks

As you may have noticed this blog is driven by WordPress, the very fine blogging platform. I’ve installed a number of WordPress implementations over the last year but this is the first one I’ve had any problems with, and this is why. Usually, I settle for the standard, prettyish permalink setting that includes the index.php […]

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