MasterCard InsecureCode and Unverified by Visa – A Disaster Waiting to Happen

There’s a plague of ill-conceived security initiatives currently infecting the internet.   At the spearhead of this plague we find the world’s two biggest card operators, Visa and MasterCard.   Within the last couple of years both have introduced new measures to verify the identity of people making online purchases.   These were supposed to […]

5 Simple WiFi security tips

It seems as if nearly every home and business has a Wi-Fi connection these days, in fact, I can see seven at the moment from inside my house. But as Wi-Fi goes more and more mainstream, it is reaching people who may not be best equipped to set it up securely. So, in an attempt to […]

So just how censored is the Internet?

A while ago, the encryption key used on HDDVD was release into the interwebnets. Since then, there’s been a bit of a fuss, what with sites that have posted the key disappearing mysteriously and posts on sites such as digg being removed and/or moderated. This was all sparked off by a DMCA takedown notice issued […]

Google Mac blog hacked?

I was browsing my RSS feeds today and came across a very strange post on the Official Google Mac Blog.   Screenshot below. I went straight to the blog to investigate and, lo and behold, the offending post has now gone. Is this another example of Blogger being hacked in a very public way? Or […]

Sacrificing Security and Privacy for Ease of Use

Login forms can be deceptively difficult to design. You have to wave certain users in while locking others out. Those two requirements are in direct contrast to each other. Most sites adapt the simple two box login, username/email and password with some other options like reset username and remember user occasionally popping up. Even with […]

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